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Beyond Adventure is offering a unique opportunity to drive over 5,500km through desert, savanna, mountains and grasslands, passing through five African countries, behind the wheel of a rally Porsche.

Set to be held from 1-19 June 2025, the Trans-Africa 2025 adventure offers its guests a unique 19-day guided trip through five countries, including Angola, that will push the boundaries of both automotive and human exploration and endurance, by day balanced with immersive experiences and the finest accommodation available by night. Part of KALMAR Beyond Adventure’s Trans-Series events, no two are ever the same and with only 14 participants, each is truly a ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure.

KALMAR Beyond Adventure Trans-Africa aims to deliver the camaraderie and raw challenges not seen since the days of the gruelling Camel Trophy and original Paris Dakar from the 1980s. Driving through mind-blowing landscapes filled with abundant wildlife and unspoilt nature, after passing a short qualification test, Trans-Africa participants can enjoy tackling routes that will push the 911s, Caymans and Cayennes prepared specifically to discover the rich culture of countries including Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. New for 2025 is the addition of untouched Angola, described by Lonely Planet as “one of Africa’s last great travel mysteries”.

With over 14 successful expeditions successfully completed, KALMAR has developed unrivalled experience in specifying, building and supporting its bespoke vehicles to reward drivers. Each KALMAR Beyond Adventure car boasts a robust specification with roll-cage, cosseting sports seats, raised suspension with rally-specification shock absorbers, full under-body protection and rugged off-road tyres. Other essentials for Africa, including spare wheels and fuel cans, are also fitted, completing the ‘Safari’ look. Alternatively, owners can bring their own Porsche safari-specification car. Service and medical crews carry essential parts and equipment to enable participants to focus on the experience.

Spirit of adventure
KALMAR Beyond Adventure was established by Danish petrol head, racer and adventurer Jan Kalmar, who leads each adventure alongside a team of mechanics, fixers and support crew. As its name suggests, KALMAR Beyond Adventure prides itself on starting where others stop, with its shorter events including trips to Lapland, Morocco and Namibia. Travellers expecting a rigid itinerary or an easy ride will be disappointed. Finding ways to extract a 911 from unexpectedly soft sand, or searching for the best way to cross a swollen river, bonds participants together through memorable experiences, ultimately fostering lifelong friendships.

In line with the ever-changing landscapes and routes, the driving is equally diverse. Some days will offer precision navigational driving whilst others will be more akin to classic rally stages. Guests will sometimes travel in convoy, other times being free to explore alone with support close by from KALMAR’s highly skilled team.

Unique to KALMAR Beyond Adventure is the chance to completely unwind each night. Rest is assured by superb accommodation, with participants staying in Africa’s finest lodges and villas. Guests will also have the chance to visit sites such as Victoria Falls, local markets and game reserves. Far from the tourist routes, they’ll also savour delicious local cuisine and unpolluted views of the night’s cosmic sky.

A unique Porsche experience – the choice is yours
Trans-Africa guests can choose a specially prepared Porsche, either modern or classic, sports car or SUV, from the proven Beyond Adventure fleet. The Porsche 911s include the air-cooled, RS-R G-Series, 964/993-based KALMAR RS and the water-cooled 996-based KALMAR RS-6 – its newest creation. Alongside sits the KALMAR RS-C, based on a 987-generation Porsche Cayman, while the KALMAR CS and KALMAR CS-R are created from variants of the Porsche Cayenne. It’s even possible to swap cars mid-route to experience all the vehicle types during the event.

KALMAR Beyond Adventure’s expedition leader, Jan Kalmar, said: “Trans-Africa 2025 will be the adventure trip of a lifetime. It allows guests to explore new frontiers, get close to wildlife, and under the skin of the real Africa – all through the windscreen of an iconic Porsche sports car. The experience provides unparalleled freedom and leaves enthusiastic drivers with a genuine sense of achievement.”