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Art, design, haute gastronomy. It’s all in the menu of a landmark restaurant.

Aylo Studio

Gallina, the talk-of-the-town restaurant venture of art collector Philippos Tsangrides, is a restaurant in the heart of Athens’ urban landscape that combines gastronomy, wine tasting, art and design in a contemporary narrative of pleasure.

Aylo Studio

The space, designed by the acclaimed Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Tramboukis (LOT & Objects of common interest), makes an impression, while the cuisine, at the helm of which is award-winning chef Pavlos Kyriakis, strikes a balance between French, Scandinavian and Greek tastes, with strong doses of Surf n’ Turf.

All these come together harmoniously with the exceptional list of rare wines of mild vinification curated by Giannis Gougoutoudis, completing an unprecedented tasting experience that transcends borders.


Basque cheesecake with caviar, thank you for the divine experience you gave me.