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In Buahan’s Banyan Tree moves slowly giving you the opportunity to connect – or disconnect perhaps? – in alternative ways which show you the means to conquering balance.

Reconnection with nature starts from the moment you get a glimpse of the heavenly open-air resort in the heart of the Balinese jungle.

Here time flows at a different pace, leading to disconnection and reconnection through a path that carves the backbone of an unforgettable wellness experience. The return to nature, which is at the core of the philosophy of Banyan Tree Escape, is reflected with clarity in the Toja Spa, an outdoor wellness space which takes its name from the Indonesian word for water.

The treatment menu gives a clear interpretation of the spa, inspired by traditional healing techniques that balance the chakras and unblock the mind, in collaboration with local healers and experts who make the most of the wealth and wisdom of their island. All products used in the treatments are handcrafted with pure, natural ingredients sourced from the resort’s farm or local producers.

Where is it?
Buahan, located at the heart of Bali
Located nearby the small Buahan village and nested behind infinite layers of impenetrable flora in the heart of the Balinese jungle with glimpses of rice fields, is Buahan, Banyan Tree Escape, a 40-minute drive from the north of Ubud.

Stretching over a site far out of the commercial areas, where you can contemplate the unobstructed views of the seven peak mountains, have access to the Ayung River and stroll its untouched waterfall.