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Galapagos Explorer from &Beyond will embark on its maiden voyage in June 2024.

Renowned conservation-led luxury travel company, &Beyond, has unveiled its latest venture in South America with the introduction of an expedition yacht in the Galapagos Islands. Named the &Beyond Galapagos Explorer, the 38-metre vessel will cater to a maximum of 12 guests in four cabins and two suites. The yacht, currently undergoing refurbishment, will feature spacious indoor and outdoor areas and offer a high level of personalised service, according to the brand, when it floats out on June 17, 2024.

&Beyond’s Galapagos Explorer will offer two distinct seven-night itineraries, each showcasing the best of the islands and offering activities such as snorkelling, hiking and birdwatching. Each voyage will be accompanied by two expert guides, who will educate passengers on the UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts world-renowned flora and fauna, including species such as the giant tortoise and marine iguana.

The region has long had strict conservation measures in place that aim to preserve its delicate ecosystems, with the Charles Darwin Research Centre playing a key role in conservation efforts. Joss Kent, &Beyond’s Executive Chairman & CEO, said the &Beyond voyages will highlight the region’s unique biodiversity while acknowledging the Ecuadorian government’s efforts to protect it from over-tourism: “A uniquely biodiverse environment with the highest number of endemic species in the world, the Galapagos is a natural choice for the further expansion of our portfolio in South America,” he said. “We are absolutely thrilled to finally have the opportunity to bring our brand of responsible tourism to this precious part of the world, which the Ecuadorian government has protected from over-tourism by strictly limiting the number of operating licenses issued.”

In line with its commitment to conservation and community development, &Beyond plans to extend its Oceans Without Borders initiative to the Galapagos. This includes implementing projects to support the islands’ biodiversity and providing training and opportunities for local residents.