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Besenzoni, sponsor of the 1st Paola Galeazzi International Yacht Design Contest organized by Barche magazine, produced and offered the trophy for the winner

“We are very pleased that Besenzoni is a sponsor, along with many other important brands, of the competition that Barche magazine dedicates to new talents. We have always aimed to encourage the work of young people in the field of yacht design in all its forms. We especially thank Franco Michienzi, who has been running the magazine for 30 years, enhancing the beauty of this sector with seriousness and expertise. The prizes for the winners of this competition, in the form of scholarships, will provide concrete assistance and an incentive for young designers who are entering our world,” says Giorgio Besenzoni.

“Participating in sponsoring the competition dedicated to Paola Galeazzi is certainly an added value for us. We are proud to have contributed to the creation of the trophy designed the object that will remain the ‘symbol’ of the competition,” adds Fiorella Besenzoni.

The Nautica Paola Galeazzi design competition trophy was designed as “a classic cup stylized to the max.”

The cup was transformed into a cylinder using a surface texture that simulates waves, reflecting the irregularity of water and evoking the nautical world. The sea is recalled in its essence by the material used, metal, which is worked with a particular irregular scaling and extreme stylization.