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Arksen, the pioneering outdoor lifestyle brand, introduces the opportunity for like-minded adventurers to enjoy up to 50% ownership of the stunning ‘Project Ocean’ as part of the Arksen Co-ownership programme, a club that redefines the way friends and families experience the joys of ocean exploration.Inspired by Arksen’s founder, Jasper Smith, and his desire to provide his children with unparalleled adventures at sea, the programme provides co-ownership opportunities and charter details designed to reignite a spirit of adventure, offering a practical, globally roaming alternative to a second home.

The Arksen Co-ownership programme was built with a community-first approach, welcoming all explorers with an opportunity to discover somewhere like never before. Arksen is offering the opportunity to own up to 50% of ‘Project Ocean’ which is launching this summer. ‘Project Ocean’ is a groundbreaking long-range explorer vessel, raising the bar of travel experiences and opening up new destinations and memories.

The programme enables members to share ownership of exceptional vessels and provides access to curated, multi-year cruising itineraries across European, Asian, American, and Global syndicates. Members can enjoy unforgettable adventures and the opportunity to support ocean conservation efforts, facilitated by Yachts for Science where members can contribute to the ‘10% for the Ocean’ fund.The Arksen Co-ownership programme distinguishes itself by offering several key advantages:

  • Significantly lower costs – enjoy the benefits of co-ownership without the financial strain of sole ownership
  • Financial flexibility – trade in and out of the syndicate at any time, providing members with the flexibility to adapt to their changing needs
  • Fully managed fractional ownership – choose from 2 to 10 weeks a year, with all key costs included, making ownership hassle-free
  • Fully equipped vessels – sail on fully crewed, maintained vessels with all the necessary equipment for adventures
  • Adventured-themed cruising itinerary – embark on a multi-year adventure-themed cruising programme tailored to captivate the spirit of the region
  • Participation in scientific programmes – contribute to ocean conservation through science programmes run by Arksen Philanthropy
  • Community and family orientation – join a like-minded, family-oriented community that shares a passion for exploration

‘Project Ocean’ has been built with an advanced hybrid propulsion system, state-of-the-art stabilisation technology, and systems engineering which work in harmony to optimise efficiency while significantly reducing emissions, noise, and vibrations. The vessel can switch seamlessly to zero emissions mode and silent running upon reaching a destination, all thanks to its solar array and hybrid propulsion. With the virtual anchor system, this means serene and sensitive marine areas can be enjoyed while leaving no trace.

Members can embark on an extraordinary journey onboard the 85ft ‘Project Ocean’ as it navigates a captivating itinerary through the landscapes of Northern Europe, including Iceland, Svalbard, Norway, Spain, Portugal, the Canaries, and a daring Atlantic crossing. The adventure continues along the East Coast of the US, exploring New England, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Bermuda. As winter sets in, the voyage takes a sun-soaked turn through the Caribbean, Central America, and the awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands.

Following on from this, even greater adventures are planned for ‘Project Ocean’ as she sets sail through Mexico, California, the Pacific Northwest (Washington and BC), concluding in the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska. This carefully curated itinerary is a testament to the spirit of wanderlust, promising unforgettable adventures for those seeking a unique and immersive seafaring experience.

Jasper Smith, founder and CEO of Arksen commented: “Arksen was created to help satisfy our need for adventure, and to create an environment that is nurturing to family and friends. Getting off grid and being challenged by an experience, visiting extraordinary places, eating great food, and laughing with people that you love is what makes life special. The Arksen Co-ownership programme is a testament to our dedication to creating a community-driven, experiential approach to ocean exploration.”

The Arksen Co-ownership programme builds on the success of Arksen’s explorer vessels, such as the Arksen 85 ‘Project Pelagos’. The vessel features a durable, cutting-edge design, comprised of 40% of recycled content aluminium.

The success of the Arksen 85 ‘Project Pelagos’ and ‘Project Ocean’ underscores Arksen’s strong foothold in the dynamic ocean adventure and lifestyle market, projected to grow by over 52% by 2030. *

The Arksen Co-ownership programme is an opportunity for individuals to embark on life-enhancing adventures, exploring oceans and engaging in meaningful projects, all while enjoying the benefits of shared ownership. Limited shares are available, and the first Arksen 85 is set to set sail this summer.