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Cantiere del Pardo is pleased to announce the opening of a new representation office in the United States, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This strategic location has been carefully selected due to its prominence as the bustling heart of the American boating industry, renowned for its central position and reputation within the sector.

The decision to establish the office in Fort Lauderdale was influenced by the remarkable success of the Pardo Yachts brand over the years, both in South Florida and nationally, establishing itself firmly in the American boating market.

Having sold over 250 boats since 2018, with a widespread and constant presence, an unparalleled support network, and a team of elite professionals and collaborators, Pardo Yachts is today a cherished brand for American yacht owners and one of the most desired boat builders.

This success has enabled the development of a robust network of relationships and prompted the presence of a US-based office representing the entire group, including the VanDutch Yachts and Grand Soleil Yachts brands.

The inauguration of the office officially designates Fort Lauderdale as the first operational headquarters of Cantiere del Pardo in the United States. This milestone event marks a significant step in consolidating the American market, opening new avenues for growth and renewed interest in all group brands.

The office is already fully operational and strategically available to all Pardo Yachts dealers (7 throughout the American territory) as well as to all internal staff at Cantiere del Pardo, facilitating effective collaboration and a strong presence in the US market.

“This new office is not just a space” says Fabio Planamente, Cantiere del Pardo CEO. “It is an invitation to become part of the Cantiere del Pardo family, a sign of our commitment to be ever closer to our clients, to share the passion and to write together the next chapter of this extraordinary adventure spanning over 50 years”.