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Evo Yachts’ appetite for exploring different geographical regions is proving insatiable, as shown by its participation in all the world’s main boat shows. And given the growing importance of the Adriatic market, the brand is making its debut this year at the Venice Boat Show held in the historic Arsenale. In partnership with exclusive dealer Frattin Yachting, Evo Yachts will be showcasing one of its most successful models, Evo R4 WA, the sophisticated 13-metre motor yacht with “XTension” bulwarks.

I’m very excited to be announcing Frattin Yachting’s first appearance, in partnership with Evo Yachts, at the Venice Boat Show, which is a big step forward for us in this new venture. We’re proud to be exhibiting such an important brand in a prestige setting like the Arsenale in Venice. Evo Yachts’ R4 WA is a synthesis of avant-garde Italian taste, characterised by a revolutionary vision of the art of yachting and more,” commented Fabio Frattin, ceo of Frattin Yachting, Evo Yachts’ exclusive dealer along Italy’s Adriatic coastline as well as in Serbia, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia.

Evo Yachts’ debut at this year’s edition of the Venice Show, held from May 29 to June 2 in the city’s historic Arsenale district, is part of the brand’s strategy of exploration and expansion, also borne out by its participation in other main international boat shows, including Genoa, Cannes, Biograd, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.The Adriatic is turning out to be particularly rich in potential for Evo Yachts models, and the partnership with Frattin Yachting, an important player in the region, serves to step up the yard’s operations there. The Venice Boat Show will be hosting some 220 exhibitors and 300 boats in an absolutely unique setting at this eagerly awaited event that provides the perfect opportunity to meet customers and yacht enthusiasts in general from Northern and Eastern Europe, including the Balkans, and the Middle East.The Campania yard will be exhibiting Evo R4 WA, a sleek, minimalist 13-metre walkaround, a striking embodiment of some key concepts in Evo Yachts’ production philosophy, starting with transformability. The two defining characteristics of the project, which are also the main reasons for its success, are the “XTension” bulwarks and the stern “Transformer”. The former open out hydraulically in under 30 seconds, controlled from a touch screen, increasing the beach area by 40% and turning it into a water’s edge terrace of over 25 square metres, a spaciousness typical of yachts at least twice the length of this Evo.Evo Yachts will be at the Venice Boat Show from May 29 to June 2, Piazzale di Torre Porta Nuova