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Oceanco is pleased to announce the return of Tranquility to its refit and construction facilities, where she will undergo an extensive refit.

Originally delivered by Oceanco in 2014, Tranquility has travelled the oceans for a decade. Now, returning home for a transformative refit, the works on Tranquility will encompass a wide range of enhancements. These include a new interior to elevate comfort and upgrade designs, a stern extension to maximize onboard space and enhance outdoor living areas, and a full repaint to transform her exterior aesthetics. Her AVIT and NAVCOM systems will be upgraded to the latest technology, for seamless connectivity and navigation capabilities.

Furthermore, in line with the owner’s and Oceanco’s commitment to sustainability, Tranquility will receive environmentally-conscious upgrades throughout the refit process such as eco-friendly materials.

“We are delighted to welcome Tranquility back home to Oceanco for this extensive refit with our Life Cycle Support team,” said Marcel Onkenhout, Oceanco’s CEO. “This project is a testament to our dedication to innovation while supporting yachts at every stage of their life cycles. Through the collaboration of our skilled craftsmen and partners, our aim is to transform Tranquility according to her owner’s vision.”

Charlie Birkett, Y.CO Co-Founder and CEO comments: “Myself and the Y.CO team are extremely proud to play a part in bringing Tranquility back to the yard for this extensive refit. The owner has chosen to make some inspiring modifications that will not only ready her for some exciting worldwide cruising as part of her new fleet but will also pave the way for more environmentally conscious cruising. We are looking forward to working alongside Oceanco, YTMC and the fleet’s crew to bring Tranquility into her next operational chapter.”