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Endless sea, One destination, 150 yachts, 13 charter bases. The premium company offers a holistic experience at sea, creating unique memories of a lifetime.

The powerful lady of Greek yachting decodes the concept of yachting industry and explains how high-quality services, professionalism and non-negotiable corporate values have made the company one of the strongest players on the international chessboard.

What is the story behind Athenian Yachts?
Athenian Yachts is a company with a family background and a people-oriented profile, which chooses to invest in stable professional relationships based on respect, consistency and timelessness.

Since its establishment in 1980 until today, our company has been dedicated to creating solid bases in the fields of import, sale, financing, chartering and full management of its ship-owners’ boats, having created pioneering conditions in the yachting industry.

As exclusive representatives of JEANNEAU Shipyard in Greece since 1988, we are the longest-standing representatives in the history of the shipyard.

Together with my partner, Dimitris Tzaras, we have embarked on a 39-year common journey. This alone is an exception in business circles! Our journey is made complete by our valuable partners, while our children follow the same path, developing Athenian along the same values and serving an even greater vision, following the needs of the new era.

Our sincere approach to the interested party, our professional attitude and our commitment to providing high quality services create an environment of trust and friendship, which is reflected daily in our 65% stable clientele and in the satisfaction reports of our charterers. The fact that 98% of the customers who traveled with us would do so again, combined with the awards from shipyards, financial analysts and tourism stakeholders, all this constitute a strong confirmation that our work and efforts are recognized and appreciated, encouraging us to continue our work with even greater passion and dedication.


Athenian, with 13 bases in Greece, provides the charterer with the ability to board from any island cluster they wish, saving time and money


What is the philosophy and principles that govern your company?
Over the years, we have painstakingly created all that we are discussing today, with one beacon to everything, ethics.

We didn’t just focus on faster development, we didn’t merely ride waves, we didn’t change our mindset in the face of problems.

We choose to look everyone in the eye, our word is as good as gold, we choose to be helpful, giving, human.

This is ATHENIAN and it only takes on as passengers on its journey those who share the same values.

A boat holiday is a luxury for the few. Myth or truth?

A boat holiday is not a luxury for the few. On the contrary, it is addressed to all those who love the sea, regardless of age, gender and financial status. Often the cost is lower than land-based holidays, because by chartering a boat you can ensure accommodation, transport and food as it best suits you, with a great sense of independence, all in one service. The range of options is endless and there is an alternative for every type of traveler that best suits their circumstances and budget.

Can marine tourism in Greece become a year-round destination?

Dionyssia Leschopoulou with her children Fani, Philippa and Spyros.

Greece’s climate is ideal for year-round tourism. Off-peak season holidays can be extremely interesting and are chosen by “discerning” charterers as they offer the opportunity for quiet, seclusion and more quality time, while the ports are less busy offering greater comfort to the traveler. Already, the season starts from the end of March until mid-November. However, most of our Greek islands stop providing services from the end of October, with most shops closed, making them inhospitable to visitors.

A boat holiday is not a luxury for the few. The range of options is endless and there is an alternative for every type of traveler that best suits their circumstances and budget

Will you give us your top 5 marine destinations of each season to explore by boat?

Greece is not just a summer holiday resort, but a paradise on earth, with incredible diversity, cultural heritage, gastronomy, activities all year round. The Greek Archipelago is my favorite destination. With 2,000 islands and a vast coastline, it offers landscapes for all tastes, inspiring culture, unique architecture and rich gastronomy.

What are your business goals for the future?

From the beginning, we wanted to be unique and stable over time, and that hasn’t changed to this day. Our business objectives for the future focus on the continuous improvement and expansion of our yachting activities.

We are constantly looking for new opportunities and areas of growth, offering additional options and advantageous solutions.

At the same time, we maintain a firm commitment to innovation and sustainability, constantly adapting what we offer for the needs of the next generation.

We love what we do and we want it to have a strong impact on others, for them to love it as much as we do.