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Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens Introduces Innovative New Spa Menu

The Ancient Greeks believed that good health was dependent on a harmonious state between body, mind and soul, and introduced a holistic approach to healing that drew on natural solutions. Infusing this ancient wisdom with centuries of local learning, Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens has unveiled an innovative new spa menu that combines age-old remedies with the latest spa technologies in an immersive journey of rejuvenation and relaxation.

From heartfelt rituals with rose oil harvested at dawn to personalised cutting-edge detox treatments, each experience delivers transformative results while honouring the region’s heritage and culture. Two special partnerships celebrate this homage to tradition and modernity: boutique Cretan brand Bioaroma produces results-driven essential oil products using ancient organic farming methods, while Biologique Recherche delivers pioneering skin solutions via high-tech equipment.

“Our new menu is inspired by the rich tapestry of traditions and remedies interwoven in our storied setting,” comments Stella Arvanitakou, Senior Spa Director at Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens. “Surrounded as we are by healing waters and bountiful nature, and with Athens being a centre of learning for eons, it felt fitting to bring together an evolving carousel of wellness solutions and remedies in a treatment menu designed to deliver the pinnacle of holistic health.”

In The Spa’s serene, nature-infused surrounds, where floor-to-ceiling windows frame glittering blue views of the Athens Riviera and the Hotel’s gardens, new bespoke treatments include:
• Storgi Ritual – Meaning “affection,” this heartfelt experience tenderly wraps body and mind in an aromatic blend of hand-harvested, organic lavender, thyme, rose, rosemary and sage essential oils. A full body exfoliation, relaxing warm crystal massage, and vitality facial combine with these pure Greek ingredients for beauty that radiates from within.
• Monadiko Facial – This pioneering treatment uses the Biologique Recherche Remodeling Face machine – described as the “future of skincare” – to stimulate cells, lift muscles and shape facial contours. Specialised massage techniques and formulas designed to treat specific skin concerns activate deep regeneration processes to reveal skin that is visibly toned and lifted.
• Rythmos Signature Facial – It’s the purity of Bioaroma’s cold-pressed rose oil that truly elevates this queenly facial. Delicate rosa centifolia blossoms are hand-picked at first light and steam distilled, with approximately 2,000 pounds (900 kilograms) of petals pressed into each pound (half kilogram) of oil. An enriching aloe mask, specialised facial tools, and lifting techniques further enhance skin elasticity and decrease fine lines.
• Apotoksinosi Massage – Specialised techniques, including cupping with olive wood tools and pressure point massage, combine with lymphatic drainage and body sculpting strokes to tighten, tone, slim and sculpt in this personalised detox treatment. Cleansing Greek oils (including olive, grapeseed, laurel, and bitter almond) also feature alongside detoxifying breathing meditation, sauna and exercises customised to individual needs.