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Extreme. Epic. Legendary. — The BRABUS Shadow 1200 Sun-Top Phantom Gray Signature Edition is the latest newcomer to BRABUS Marine’s biggest and most powerful range of 45-foot boats. This exclusive superboat promises to transform every moment on the water into an unforgettable journey.

The BRABUS Shadow 1200 Sun-Top knows how to deliver next-level marine elegance and a 100% brabusized blast of fun. With its breathtaking power, a range of technical innovations, brand-new signature styling and the best in onboard usability, this Shadow seamlessly fuses the thrills of open-air boating with the highest levels of BRABUS Masterpiece luxury and sheltered comfort. Powerful emotions and thrilling action rides await as you head out into the weekend and take on the elements aboard this luxurious explorer. The only limitation is your imagination. Are you ready? Open up the dual electric sunroof above the helm area and connect with the outdoors like never before.DESIGN & APPEARANCE. A NEW LEGEND OF SHADOW.
Indulge in the finest craftsmanship with the BRABUS Shadow 1200 Sun-Top. From carbon fiber accents to bespoke leather upholstery, every element is crafted to perfection. With the BRABUS Sign of Excellence as your guarantee, rest assured that every journey aboard this vessel is an experience like no other.

The BRABUS Shadow 1200 is a perfect match for those who want to renounce compromises and make an undeniable statement. The new BRABUS Shadow 1200 Sun-Top premieres in the all-new Phantom Gray Signature Edition look, inspired by the BRABUS CRAWLER, boasting a dark, unmistakable Phantom Gray paint job with upholstery colors in BRABUS Red as well as a bespoke outfitting package featuring BRABUS Red roof racks, waterski frames and roof pillars. This special edition is hand-built with a focus on precision and finish. The process of fairing, painting, and polishing alone takes up to six weeks due to non-automated, thorough, and highly labor-intensive processes.

The dedication to luxurious practicality and passion for detail continues inside the front cabin and optional aft accommodation, with distinctive carbon fiber detailing, BRABUS fine leather options complete with BRABUS piping and stitching as well as the BRABUS Sign of Excellence. This seal of craftsmanship guarantees that every BRABUS Shadow 1200 is built to the highest possible standards with the best materials, underscored by cutting-edge technology and engineering.UNSTOPPABLE POWER. THE INCARNATION OF PURE ADVENTURE.
From exhilarating speeds to unparalleled maneuverability, every aspect of this vessel is engineered to perfection. Equipped with triple 400 HP Mercury Racing 5.7l V10 engines producing a combined output of 1,200 horsepower, this truly is the most powerful and confident of all BRABUS Shadows, effortlessly flying across the water at a comfortable cruising speed of 40 knots and top speeds of 55 knots, unmatched in the 45-foot size range.INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY. A LEGENDARY STATEMENT.
At the helm, you harness this mesmerizing power in a clean, functional, and uncluttered cockpit that is packed with the best in modern marine technology – ranging from the Intelligent Steering Module that controls the bow thruster, trim tabs and audio to the innovative Simrad navigational touchscreen displays and optional extended navigation package. The driving experience is further enhanced with Mercury´s JPO (Joystick Piloting for Outboards) joystick steering, including Skyhook and Mercury autopilot features as well as reverse and night vision cameras.

Head out and relax until the late evening hours or even stay overnight on board this luxurious cruiser. Your premium experience on board will be enhanced with ambience features including premium JL audio systems and dimmable LED illuminated balcony doors, a carbon LED roof light module, underwater and deck lighting as well as optional full RGB lighting throughout the entire boat for the perfect mood and soundtrack.BESPOKE ENGINEERING. LUXURY BEYOND COMPARE.
The BRABUS Shadow 1200 combines confident performance with an incredibly luxurious ambience, bringing maximum usability and versatility to the luxury boat segment. Truly impressive on board this premium explorer are the massive social spaces: the foredeck and the front lounge with the gullwing doors, the helm and cockpit area with large seating space around a centered wet bar, foldable balcony doors and various optional aft deck layouts to choose from. The spacious and innovative layout lets you and your guests seamlessly move around the boat and makes the day out at sea fun and relaxing, especially with a larger group of people.

You will easily find space for all your watersport gear or for hosting your guests in the massive social areas with up to two wet bars – one in the center of the boat and another optionally integrated into the fender box in the back of the boat. Thanks to the extra-wide sociable sofa that wraps around the cockpit wet bar, a large dining area and the option for a u-sofa or an aft cabin on the aft deck, there is plenty of room to entertain guests. Next-level functionality meets style and comfort with the brabusized, illuminated balcony doors. Simply fold down the spacious side doors in the hull and extend your onboard social and relaxation area even further.