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From watches to army knives, Switzerland is renowned for its high standards on products, and leisure boats are no exception, with stricter rules for noise and more safety tests than in the EU and US.

Candela C-8 recently passed the multiple-hour Swiss homologation test on both land and water and is now greenlit for deliveries in the market. The Swiss homologation crew did their best to provoke the flight controller with hard turns and aggressive driving, but the system was found to handle this abuse safely with forgiving driving characteristics. The C-8 was also found to have an exceptionally low noise level well below the legal limit of 72 dB. The C-8’s electric C-POD motor, housed in an underwater pod, produces minimal noise, and the foiling design eliminates hull noise. By contrast, conventional fossil fuel boats struggle to meet the limit and have to be fitted with extra mufflers on the Swiss market.

“Flying at 20 knots, you can speak with your passengers at a normal tone of voice. For me, that’s true luxury in a vessel. It’s so peaceful,” says Christian Vogel at W.A.R. Bootbau & Boothandel AG, the Swiss importer of Candela.

Previously, only the Candela C-7, certified in 2021, achieved similar noise levels.

“We’re proud to make the most silent boats on the market. According to our own tests, Candela C-8 is the quietest powerboat in the world, thanks to the C-POD propulsion system. This benefits both those on board and others on the lake,” says Johan Wadelius, CTO at Candela.