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Istion’s charter base in Croatia was inaugurated during the 2023 tourist season and focuses on fleet management, charter management, and the sale and purchase of pleasure boats, with the active involvement of local stakeholders, financial institutions and organizations.

20/05/2022, Port Vendres (FRA,66), Lagoon 51Aiming to boost the local economy, generate employment opportunities, support  and maintain existing positions, foster trustworthy partnerships with local entities, authorities and institutions, Istion provides its expertise and networking to enhance the country’s growth prospects.The reception of this endeavor was enthusiastic; the sailing audience responded promptly and rewarded their efforts with 218 charter bookings and 40+ positive reviews on Google.

GAZEAU JULIENIstion’s partners and loyal customers worldwide acknowledge the company’s swift alignment with the demands of contemporary business, social, economic, and environmental landscapes, as well as its adaptability, flexibility, and systematic approach in fulfilling its commitments and delivering on its promises.ISTION is committed to this path for 2024, expecting to surpass 360 trips while:

  • Enriching its fleet with 12 new additions of monohull and catamaran sailboats; a fleet of 26 brand-new vessels is now located in the enchanting Skradin.
  • Extensively networking, being outward-looking, participating in exhibitions, collaborating with industry publications, and promoting our charter services and investment prospects online.
  • Continuously showcasing the unique travel experience along the Dalmatian coast, emphasizing the diverse sailing routes, the distinct culture, and historical heritage of the region.
  • Interacting with local authorities and stakeholders, solidifying the reliability and expertise of Istion and establishing the foundations for long-term sustainability.

Last spring, yet another ambitious project was realized; building on the resounding triumph of the Catamarans Cup International in the Greek islands, the vibrant locales of the Adriatic played host to the debut Skradin Cup, a sailing extravaganza commenced from Skradin in mid April 2024. Transferring the essence, inspiration, and innovation of the Catamarans Cup to the esteemed Dalmatian coastline, the event featured competitive legs, award ceremonies, entertaining festivities, and epic parties tailored for our sailing community, promising unforgettable moments of joy in a manner distinctively emblematic of Istion Yachting.

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