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The initial sketches of the adaptable new Pirelli X400 Jet Tender have been made public by Sacs Tecnorib.

The Pirelli X350 and X400 are two brand-new models in the Pirelli Tender range that the Italian business unveiled at the German boat exhibition.
Christian Grande, an Italian designer, and Sacs Tecnorib collaborated to create the Pirelli X400 Jet Tender. The J range of Pirelli-branded Jet Tenders is expanded by the addition of both models to the X line.

According to Sacs Tecnorib, the Pirelli X350 and X400 both improve upon the idea of a tender by enhancing the vessel’s adaptability with a variety of accessories and customizations.

Sacs Technorib was established in late 2021 as a result of the merger of Sacs srl and Tecnorib srl, which was the authorized licensee for the inflatable boat trademarks PZero and Pirelli, to form Sacs Tecnorib Spa.

According to the company, the new Pirelli X400 Jet Tender’s design features a broad bow, adjustable seat backrests, and soft, welcoming curves.