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Cantiere del Pardo is pleased to announce that it is working on a new R&D project to create an innovative prototype of an eco-friendly sailing yacht, the Grand Soleil BLUE, a 33-foot Daysailer Zero Impact. The Grand Soleil BLUE will be roughly 10 meters long, composed of recyclable composite materials with zero emissions, suited for daily usage, and fitted with an electric auxiliary propulsion system.

The new Grand Soleil BLUE project is centered on the development of a breakthrough hull building method using entirely recyclable composite materials. Using an eco-friendly thermoplastic fiber and resin composite enables for the material’s disintegration at the end of its useful life (Design for Disassembly), as developed by the Northern Light Composites firm.

  • Model: Grand Soleil 33 feet Daysailer Zero Impact
  • Concept: Cantiere del Pardo
  • Exterior, Interior Design and GA: Nauta Design
  • Naval architecture: Matteo Polli