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This Boutique Confectionery Company specializes in exquisite corporate gifting, presenting a lavish array of premium chocolate bites, nuts, and delights nestled in luxurious handmade fabric hampers and wicker baskets.Elevate your brand with their bespoke customization service, featuring your logo adorning their meticulously crafted packaging.At the EMMYS Charter Show 2024, Nueces showcased an extraordinary collection of handmade hampers, each adorned with prints inspired by the art of sailing. This bespoke collection, designed exclusively for the exhibition, features hues of navy blue reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea, complemented by decorative elements such as ropes and colorful boats, evoking the spirit of maritime adventure.Stripy beige and golden yellow accents add a touch of sophistication to each piece, creating a truly captivating display. Nueces was proud to share its premium gifting selection with the companies participating in the exhibition, offering them a taste of luxury and elegance that perfectly aligns with the prestigious atmosphere of the event.